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Welcome to Cross World Punalal, where we are dedicated to the cultural, social, and overall advancement of communities, with a special focus on women and children. Here's a glimpse into our mission and the impactful initiatives we undertake:

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Who We Are

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Our Mission

  1. Cultural and Social Advancement: Working tirelessly for the welfare of the public, especially women and children.

  2. Education and Literacy: Establishing reading rooms, libraries, and discussion classes, and supporting literary programs and research institutions.

  3. Health Initiatives: Contributing to cancer detection centers, AIDS awareness, and environmental protection programs.

  4. Social Services: Uniting for the prosperity of the nation and versatile advancement of the poor.

  5. Care for the Vulnerable: Running old age homes, day care centers, orphanages, polio homes, and supporting animal welfare schemes while promoting continuous education.

  6. Artistic Development: Nurturing public artistic talents through institutions dedicated to music, painting, drama, dance, photography, and other fine arts.

  7. Scientific Research: Establishing research laboratories for agricultural and employment programs, conducting study classes, seminars, and scientific studies for environmental improvement.

  8. Preserving Heritage: Managing museums and galleries for the exhibition of art, historical artifacts, and inventions of significance.

Join Cross World Punalal in Making a Difference. Together, We Can Create a Better Tomorrow.

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