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Welcome to Cross World Punalal, a beacon of hope and positive change dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals and communities worldwide. Established with a vision of fostering cultural, social, and economic upliftment, we are committed to making a lasting impact, particularly in the lives of women, children, and the less fortunate.

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Our Initiatives

Cross World Punalal is involved in a range of initiatives designed to address pressing social issues and promote holistic development. Some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Education and Literacy: Establishing reading rooms, libraries, and educational programs to enhance literacy and knowledge.

  • Health and Wellness: Supporting cancer detection centers, AIDS awareness, and providing assistance for medical expenses to the less privileged.

  • Community Welfare: Running shelters for the elderly, day care centers, orphanages, and supporting animal welfare initiatives.

  • Artistic Development: Nurturing artistic talents through institutions dedicated to music, painting, drama, dance, and other fine arts.

  • Environmental Conservation: Planting trees, conducting awareness camps, and seminars to promote environmental sustainability

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